August 18, 2019

If you’re looking to add lights to your Jeep, whether it’s to upgrade it for off-road use or a more functional purpose like lights for night driving, there are many options. Is it better to mount a light bar on top of the Jeep or on the bumper? Which lights are better for night driving? You use HID, LED, or halogen lights? Below are some ways to help you decide.

What’s the Goal?

To decide the lights you need for your Jeep, you need to know your goal. Maybe you have an older Jeep that didn’t come with bumper fog lights. If that’s the case, adding them can help keep you safe as you drive in rain, sleet, or fog. The extra lights can also help you when hunting and fishing in bad weather or for off-road events. They can add personality to your Jeep and make it more functional. My friend who does roof repairs in Buford, loves putting all these accessories on his Jeep.

If you driving wide open areas, floodlights are beneficial. Most owners prefer to have the lights high up on the windshield frame or on a light bar. These lights show you what is coming from a long distance. Fog lights, on the other hand, are installed low on the Jeep so they can show you the road directly in front of you.

Light Types

For jeeps, the most popular options are HID, LED, and halogen lights. HID, or high intensity discharge lights, give you the brightest light. They are the most expensive light but provide excellent visibility. They tend to last longer than halogen lights.

LED, or light emitting diode lights, are very bright. They are more energy-efficient than halogens and typically last more than 10,000 hours. They are harder to find a more expensive, though.

Halogen lights are the most popular because they are easy to find and inexpensive. They don’t last as long as the others, though, because they produce a lot of heat. Vibrations can damage halogen lights, so if you enjoy off-road driving, you may want to shy away from them.

If you are looking to add lights to your Jeep, consider the above points. That way, you can find what not only looks good, but is the most functional for your vehicle.