August 18, 2019

During the winter, your truck can really show what it’s made of. Your truck will likely have to perform in snow, ice, mud, and rain, whether you use it for work or play. Even if your truck was built for cold weather, adding the right accessories can give you an edge over winter. Below are some accessories that can help your truck this winter.

Portable Jump Starter

There are occasions where it is difficult to get close enough to your vehicle to give it a jump with cables. Sometimes, your battery may go dead when you are all alone. You can get the power you need, though, with a portable jump starter. That way, you can get back on the road and out of the winter weather. Our guys who are Locksmiths in Tucker GA always carry these things, and they come in handy!


During the winter, drivers are more likely to slide off the road. Having a winch allows you to help others. You can remove tree branches that have fallen into the road or pull your friends and family from the ditches with a winch.

Fog Lights

Your visibility can be greatly improved when driving through fog, sleet, and rain. By installing fog lights before winter, you can improve the safety of your vehicle.

Remote Start

It’s no fun shivering as you drive up and down the road. Even in the desert, the mornings and evenings can be cold. When you have a remote start, you can warm up your vehicle a few minutes before you leave for work or before heading home in the evening. A remote start can also make it easy to remove any ice from your windshield that has formed.

Seat Warmers

By simply adding seat warmers, you can bring a lot of luxury to your truck. Even when it’s freezing outside, your seat will be toasty warm.

The few simple accessories above can help your truck be safer and more comfortable throughout the winter months.