September 21, 2019

If your vehicle doesn’t have a navigation system installed, it’s likely you use your cell phone to get around. There are many advantages to having a navigation system installed in your vehicle. Some of the advantages include increased safety and not wasting as much gas and time. Below are some other reasons you should have a navigation system installed.

Improve Your Safety

When you use your cell phone to navigate, many things happen. You often look at your lap to determine where the GPS is taking you. At times, you may have to unlock your screen or put in a security code to see the directions. Cell phones tend to recalculate directions often, also. When you are in an area without a good reception, your cell phone is useless as a navigation system.

When you use an satellite navigation system, you can quickly enter your destination. The system is typically mounted on your dashboard, so you can see turns beforehand and not have to look away from the road or unlock your phone. Most of the later models also show the posted speed limit, your current speed, and what is nearby.

Accuracy is Increased

Many GPS apps on your cell phone don’t tell you your speed or the amount of time until you reach your destination. A good navigation system will. Some of the better ones will also give you live traffic reports so you know what is ahead.

Ticket Avoidance

With a satellite navigation system, if you are speeding, the system will alert you when a speed gun or fixed speed camera is approaching. You can slow down before risking a ticket. Also, many states have laws against using your cell phone while driving. If you use your cell phone as a navigation system, you make it a ticket.

Save the Battery in Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone battery is quickly diminished when you use your cell phone for navigation. You also use data. By using a satellite navigation system, can save your cell phone battery for an emergency or other uses.